Washington Post: In an Arizona primary, Republicans debate who is more loyal to one man: Trump

Richard Mack, a retired sheriff who had run as both a Libertarian and Republican — and who had won his other races far outside the district — said that he jumped into the race because the cluster of “mainstream candidates” made it winnable. His campaign manager nearly got Jim Gilchrist, the former leader of the border-patrolling Minuteman Project, over the top in a California primary.

Over lunch at Applebee’s, Mack struggled to think of a problem with the Trump administration. So much had gone right after eight scary years when Barack Obama threatened to “disarm” Americans and shred their rights.

“Out of all the presidents that I’ve ever known, he’s done the most in his first year,” said Mack, an NRA Hall of Fame member who carries a Constitution in his shirt pocket. “The economy has been amazing. I’d only complain that he hasn’t drained the swamp enough. Jeff Sessions is not a swamp drainer. We still have rogue federal judges, committing crimes.”

Mack pondered the question again. “And we need to abolish the IRS.”

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