Sheriff Richard Mack calls "Fake Conservatives" Debbie Lesko and Steve Montenegro to Resign

PEORIA, Ariz. – Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack, candidate for Congress in AZ-08, issued the following statement today regarding Debbie Lesko and Steve Montenegro:

"Debbi Lesko and Steve Montenegro are not to be trusted. Not only are they fake conservatives who will behave just like John McCain or Jeff Flake, recent developments have shown that they are involved in lawbreaking and scandal -- situations that should disqualify them from office.

New reports show that Debbie Lesko operated an illegal money laundering operation, using state campaign funds to pay for her 8th District run. This is a major offense and stands to prove that she is unfit to hold office and represent the people of Arizona in the United States Congress. Rather, she must be held accountable under the law. I call on her swift resignation.

Furthermore, I am calling on Steve Montenegro to resign in light of his engagement in inappropriate communications -- including texts with topless photos -- with a junior legislative staffer, according to media reports. After the resignation of Trent Franks over similar misconduct, the citizens of Arizona's 8th district deserve a candidate free of scandal.

As a former detective I researched my opponents before I got into this race, and their records as career politicians were far from promising -- these latest developments further confirm that neither Lesko nor Montenegro are fit to assume federal office.  Right now, conservatives have two choices in AZ-08's coming special election: Phil Lovas or me, Sheriff Richard Mack. We are the only candidates who have a conservative records regarding issues such as reckless government spending and illegal immigration -- and neither of us have been endorsed by the liberal media. But, perhaps most importantly right now is the fact that neither of us are embroiled in scandal or found to be in violation of the laws of the land."
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Sheriff Mack is best known for successfully challenging the Brady Bill, a gun control scheme requiring local law enforcement to perform background checks on prospective gun purchasers. He maintained that the Federal Government had no authority to command local officials, and became the first sheriff in American history to sue the Federal Government (under the Clinton administration) and win at the US Supreme Court. The case was based on the Tenth Amendment, states rights and local sovereignty.

Sheriff Mack is running for Congress in the 8th Congressional District of Arizona.

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