Sheriff Richard Mack's Letter to the Arizona Republic

This is Sheriff Mack's letter to the Arizona Republic. If you disagree with what they did send a letter to the AZ Republic by clicking here.

To the Arizona Republic:

A fair shake. When I was a Sheriff that was all anyone asked for. Citizens demanded that their government officials who had the power to drastically alter their liberty to be fair. To be honest. To do what Republicans say we don’t want happening in Washington DC – the picking of winners and losers.

Well, someone needs to explain being honest and fair to the Arizona Republic.

Last week your newspaper held a rigged debate that not only didn’t follow the Federal Election Commission rules regarding debates, they
didn’t even follow your own rules. And in excluding me from the debate the Arizona Republic could have created a dirty money illegal corporate donation to each of my opponents that was allowed on the stage.

Let us look at how you chose the five participants. By law the Arizona Republic had to use pre-established objective criteria. Well this is what was publicly stated in that regard…

As you can clearly see you state that the Arizona Republic had three sets of criteria:

  1. Number of signatures each candidate submitted to qualify for the ballot
  2. Performance in the polls
  3. Previous experience as a candidate

Based on the exact words of what your newspaper posted I should have been on that stage. But as usual the crooked media dismisses Constitutional Conservatives and our ideas because you continue to dismiss the views of Grassroots America. But even worse, you allowed a candidate into the debate stage that clearly didn’t qualify.

Let’s look at the criteria listed above. First, number of signatures each candidate submitted to quality for the ballot. Here is what the Secretary of State verified:

  1. Lesko: 3086
  2. Mack: 2209
  3. Stump: 1414
  4. TIE) Lovas: 1225
  5. TIE) Montenegro: 1225

Well that puts me in the Top 5.

What about the second set of criteria with polling? Considering that a leader in the Arizona Republican Party told me that I have not even been included in any polling, it is unfathomable that polling could even be used as part of the criteria. After all, I didn’t win the Kentucky Derby last year, but I also wasn’t included. If the Arizona Republic has polling that includes me they should release it.

Lastly, let’s look at previous experience as a candidate. There are 4 people that previously elected to the Arizona Legislature, and I was twice elected as an Arizona Sheriff. No one else in the field of candidates ever won any races in our state.

Looks like I am in the Top 5 again. So why was I not in one of the five chairs on the debate stage?

The Arizona Republic needs to explain how using their own criteria they chose someone not in the Top 5 in signatures, not included in any public polling, and never elected to any public office anywhere ever before instead of me. I didn’t set the limit of candidates at five. That was the Arizona Republic. That refusal to invite me is a direct violation of not only the Arizona Republic’s own set of criteria, but a direct violation of the Federal Election Commission’s rules on debates that we believe has resulted in a corporate donation to all of my opponents that were allowed into this debate.

Unless the Arizona Republic can justify its actions in a response to my campaign by the end of Monday, February 5, 2018, we will be filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission and asking them to investigate the actions of the Arizona Republic.


Richard Mack

P.S. If you have the time would you mind expressing your concerns to the AZ Republic on our behalf and let them know that what they did was absolutely wrong. The media should not be able to hold candidates hostage simply because they don't agree with them politically. Click here to send them a letter.



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