Sheriff Mack calls on Steve Montenegro to “Quit Lying”

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February 9, 2018

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Sheriff Mack calls on Steve Montenegro to “Quit Lying”


He was Primary Sponsor of National Popular Vote but now claims to not know what it is


Peoria, AZ – Sheriff Richard Mack, candidate for US Congress in Arizona’s February 27 special election in CD-8, says he has reached his limit on Steve Montenegro’s hypocrisy for his support of the National Popular Vote.  Stated Mack, “Steve Montenegro is a flip flopper of John Kerry proportions.  Republicans didn’t want President Al Gore or President Hillary Clinton, but Steve Montenegro followed the dictates of his political superiors and pushed the ‘National Popular Vote’ while in the Arizona Legislature.  Now that he is running for Congress he has at various times claimed that he never voted for it, that he voted for it but wasn’t a co-sponsor of it, that he was a Primary Sponsor of it but only because he made a political deal to support it, and that he supported it but that it wouldn’t get rid of the Electoral College.”


Sheriff Mack continued, “The bill he was Primary Sponsor of but now disavows was called the ‘National Popular Vote’, so obviously it violated the Constitution and eliminated the Electoral College.  Getting rid of the Electoral College would have given us President Al Gore and President Hillary Clinton, so as a Republican I don’t know why he could think that it was ever a good idea.  It certainly wasn’t a principled decision that any conservative would have considered.  And as a practical matter it gives more voice to the voters of California and New York at the expense of the voice of Arizona voters, so I don’t see why he thought it was a good idea for that reason either.”


The National Popular Vote bill which Montenegro was a Primary Sponsor of can be found at


Sheriff Mack also stated, “Steve Montenegro needs to be accountable for his record and quit running from it.  Why he thinks that he can fool the voters of CD-8 with his blatant #FakeNews is beyond my comprehension, and I am tired of his not telling the truth on this matter.  Leaders lead.  He followed his political masters and now he realizes he got fooled by them.  We don’t need him in Congress to be fooled by new political masters like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  We need principled conservatives who will follow the Constitution.”


“While Sheriff I fought to protect the Constitution by suing the President of the United States and winning a landmark US Supreme Court case,” Mack continued.  “I will continue to fight to preserve and protect the Constitution as a member of Congress and help President Trump ‘drain the swamp’ in the GOP as well.” 


Mack gained national attention when he sued President Bill Clinton over the Brady Gun Ban winning in the US Supreme Court.  Since that landmark Supreme Court ruling Mack has written six books and appeared at over 300 conservative political rallies nationwide. He has stood against the incursions of the Federal Government and has fought for civil rights from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine. He is the Founder and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and is in the NRA Hall of Fame.



Sheriff Richard Mack is a candidate for Congress in the Arizona Special Election GOP Primary on February 27. For more information see


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