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Sheriff Richard Mack Addresses Riders USA Second Amendment Celebration
Sheriff Richard Mack speaks to the attendees about their God-given Right to Self-Defense. Longtime Champion of Liberty was well received.
20 yrs ago, Sheriff Mack fought President Clinton & the Brady group all the way to the Supreme Court over the 2nd Amendment & the 10th Amendment — and WON. Now there’s a special election for Congress a week away. Mack joins David Knight to explain why he deserves your support.

Big Money Candidates Lack in Substance

Big Money Candidates Lack in Substance
New finance reports show Montenegro has raised more than $232,000 over the past month. Lesko comes in second with about $197,000. The race, however, is far from over.
How do candidates in CD-8 stack up for you?
Determine how the candidates for CD-8 stack up with your beliefs. Also figure out how and where to vote in this special election.

Sheriff Richard Mack Runs for Congress

Sheriff Richard Mack Runs for Congress
Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, is nationally renowned for his participation in the landmark 1997 case Mack v. United States (also known as Printz v. United States), in which a group of county sheriffs, led by Mack, challenged the constitutionality of provisions in the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act that required county sheriffs to carry out at the behest of Congress background checks on gun purchasers.
Sheriff Mack calls on Steve Montenegro to “Quit Lying”
Peoria, AZ – Sheriff Richard Mack, candidate for US Congress in Arizona’s February 27 special election in CD-8, says he has reached his limit on Steve Montenegro’s hypocrisy for his support of the National Popular Vote.
Sheriff Mack sits down with Mona K
Sheriff Mack sits down with Mona K on her radio show.
Sheriff Richard Mack on the Libertarian Advisor
​Today on the podcast we are honored to have Sheriff Richard Mack. The Sheriff is running for congress on a Libertarian Constitutional platform as a Republican.
Sheriff Richard Mack Signs the Taxpayer Protection Pledge
Sheriff Richard Mack (R-AZ), candidate for Arizona’s 5th congressional district, recently signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to the American people. The Pledge is a written commitment to the citizens of Arizona and to the American people to oppose all tax increases. Sheriff Mack is running in a special election to replace Incumbent Trent Franks.
Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Sheriff Richard Mack for Arizona's CD8 Special Election
The Republican Liberty Caucus announced Monday its endorsement of Sheriff Richard Mack for the US House of Representatives District 8 special election in Arizona to replace Rep. Trent Franks.

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